Why CBT?

It is no secret that a constant demand exists either for customized software solutions or talented technical skills to meet the growing needs of your business. It is also no secret that there are numerous technology consulting companies attempting to meet this demand.

So why should you choose CyberBest Technology for your company's technology needs? CyberBest Technology has several factors that set us apart from other technology consulting companies. By utilizing both onsite and offsite locations, we are able to provide our clients with added value, allowing them to fulfill their needs in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

Today, clients have a wide range of needs to stay ahead of a changing world. CBT has a unique concept to address them, that reflects fulfilling a variety of requirements, all under one roof, through OneSource and OneProvider. At CBT, we call it AdvantageSolutionsSM. To elaborate, CBT can offer a mix of Software Solutions and IT Consulting services through onsite and offsite locations. In the process, it provides the client a range of services, from the lower-end to the high-end value added ones.

AdvantageSolutionsSM concept has also led to the establishment of CBT management team outstanding demonstration of skill, experience and ability to dramatically and with surpassing success assist its clients with IT services.

AdvantageSolutionsSM delivers value through:

Client Relations
CBT internal company structure is founded upon personalized and consultative service with a goal towards the solid relationship development. The Client Relations Department provides on-going and intense client support and project coordination prior to and during all client projects.

Managed Services
A complete team, including seasoned project management, business analysts, architects, developers, quality assurance, and documentation/training experts ensures every client engagement receives the thorough attention it deserves.

Guaranteed Fees
Our proven approach for implementing AdvantageSolutionsSM provides for guaranteed, fixed-fee, fixed-schedule engagements so our clients can control all aspects of their project's expectations and budgets with certainty and quality.

Expert Resources
CBT hires and retains only the most skilled consultants and experience experts available. This strategy affords us the ability to tackle even the most complicated projects while assuring our clients receive the highest-value solutions possible.

Accelerated Timing
A clear understanding of the term "Internet Timing" defines CBT's project teams' natural instinct to embrace even the most demanding timelines so our clients begin realizing their expected return on investment (ROI) sooner.

CBT has two innovative Business Models. Both are flexible to meet your organizations specific requirements. Any one of the business models can be chosen or a combination for different phases of your projects.

  • Fixed Time, Fixed Price
  • Time and Material

CBT's process-optimization ensures reliability, predictability and optimized performance of the projects to deliver on time, on budget and on target.